30 proud years of improving lives globally

At Veda, nature has always been the highest form of intelligence. In an age of pharmaceutical supplements for every modern problem, Veda steps in to revive your natural connection with time-tested herbs for a nourishing mind-body balance.

Our commitment and trust on the quality, purity and efficacy of herbs is as vital to us as our passion for holistic wellness. Handmade in India with love, our products are made in small batches using simple long-standing techniques. Our ingredients are locally grown and sourced from a land where the living history of Ayurveda continues in every form.

Our most loved products

Amalaki Powder Extract 120g

(Giloy) Body rejuvenator

  • Immunity building

  • Hair strengthening

  • Digestion support

A rich powerhouse of vitamin C, Amla (Phyllanthus Emblica) in Ayurveda is considered a Rasayana or a herbal elixir of life for its rejuvenating anti-aging effects.

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Ashwagandha Powder Extract 120g

(Ashwagandha) Strong and vital like a horse

  • Brain support

  • Sleep support

  • Immunity building

Ashwagandha (sleeping berry or Indian ginseng) belongs to the Nightshade family of plants, similar to tomatoes, aubergines and peppers.

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Doctors that made their mission to help humanity with natural ingredients

Dr. Naushad Ali

Ayurvedic Doctor and Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Over 20 years of work throughout Asia and Europe under his practice, patients have achieved impressive results that were diagnosed with extremely serious diseases. He is a pioneer in the world of using both modern and traditional medicines.

Founder Story

Values we live for


Committed towards people and the planet with an end-to-end sustainable cycle

Time-tested remedies

Powerful preventive ingredients with a long history of healing

Pure and natural

The promise of purity with natural ingredients high in efficacy and bio-availability

Trusted quality

Rigorously tested, free of chemicals or additives, hand-made in small batches


Conscious sourcing of natively grown herbs with historical roots and natural secrets of healing

Fair Trade

Committed to fair-trade practices with local initiatives for harvesting communities

Discover hand-picked knowledge for a daily balance

Your most frequent questions answered

Our organic products are clearly defined on our product listings. Our extract powders are not organic due to the extract process of the raw ingredients. This will be changing due to new practices.

Our entire product range includes, carrier oils, essential oils herbal extracts, and herbal powders that are all high-quality, natural plant based products. They are free of parabens, synthetic fragrances, dyes, fillers or artificial preservatives & of course cruelty-free.

At Veda we take our testing and quality control very seriously. Our products are tested multiple times for pesticides, heavy metals and microorganisms before they are ready to be sold to our customers. We also use one of the most trusted and recognised testing organisations in the world eurofins.

The dominant modern medicine is not only expensive, it can also cause various side effects. For these reasons, we have turned to an alternative way of life "herbal medicine". Our goal with Ayurveda and all natural products as daily rituals is preventative i.e tackling a particular disorder at its root for long-lasting health benefits vs conventional medicine which gives a temporary symptomatic fix.

Powder extracts have a higher bioavailability for the body. The extract is made from ground powder and contains a higher concentration of some water-soluble ingredients and makes them more readily available for the human body, i.e. more absorbable.