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Guduchi Powder Extract 120g

(Giloy) Body rejuvenator

  • Immunity building

  • Digestion support

  • Heart support

Ancient Ayurveda reveals guduchi as the divine nectar of the gods!

Guduchi is recognised as one of the best rejuvenating tonics for the body. The reason guduchi is revered in Ayurveda is for its all natural unique ability to be an umbrella protection against all sorts of infection that elevates internal immunity naturally.

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Neem Powder Extract 120g

Nature’s all-round pharmacy

  • Hair strengthening

  • Women support

  • Skin support

Fondly referred to as “village pharmacy”, Neem’s curative and preventive nature touted as “reliever of diseases” in traditional Ayurvedic texts. From its medicinal to cosmetic uses for thousands of years, neem (Azadirachta indica) is renowned as a multi-purpose herbal elixir for mind-body healing.

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