Veda Naturals Face Roller


What are the benefits?

  • Calms skin and relieves tension
  • Sculpts facial muscles with a natural contour
  • Supports better circulation for a natural glow
  • Helps absorb creams, oil, serums better
  • Helps with puffiness around eyes
How to use it

How to use it

Prep: Apply a little bit of face oil before starting with the roller.

De-puff: Apply gentle pressure with the small side of the roller, starting from under the eyes at the center of the face moving outwards towards the ears

Soothe and Refresh: Starting from the big side of the roller, start at the center of the chin rolling out upwards towards your ears, and repeat on the other side. Start next on your forehead and roll it up from your eyebrows to hairline. Then roll it horizontally across your forehead

Additional Info

Additional Information

Product Description Skin Care
Net quantity 1 piece
Brand Veda Naturals
Business operator responsible Veda Naturals GmbH
Ingredients N/A
Consumption recommendation


Storage instructions Store in a clean environment
Dietary type N/A
Label Language German & English
Testing Organization N/A

What people are asking

When and how long should you use these tools?

We recommend to use these tools for 3-5 minutes every other morning/evening. It works best every morning to wake up tired skin or puffy eyes. It is also ideal to use every evening before bed as a cleansing after washing your face with your preferred night creams or beauty oils.

How do you clean and store these tools?

Rinse the tools with warm water and soap after use, to prevent build up of oil. Make sure they’re completely dry and store them in a dry place. It’s best to keep them in a cooling place like the refrigerator for a cooling effect as it tightens and awakens tired skin for a long day.

I have sensitive/acne prone skin, can I still use these tools?

Yes, our jade beauty roller are beneficial for all skin types.

Veda Naturals Face Roller

Normaler Preis
Normaler Preis

naturals way


Our powders and oils are sourced from long-trusted sustainable, organic farms across India. Each batch is carefully harvested, rinsed, shredded, dried and processed with utmost care, complying with international standards such as GMP and ISO. The product fortification is done strictly as per the prescribed Ayurvedic recipes incorporating modern manufacturing techniques.


Our processes are supervised by experts - Ayurvedic doctors and specialists with experience and knowledge on the herbs dating back generations. Samples from each batch are tested for microbial contaminations, pesticides, and heavy metals from a highly trusted and internationally recognized laboratory - Eurofins which conducts rigorous methodologies of testing and ensures the compliance of our products to German and European standards and regulations Non-complying batches are discarded and never used for any purpose.


Our commitment to the quality and efficacy of the single herbs is well-established and acknowledged by the Ayurvedic fraternity across India. No other material is mixed with the herb powder, and it carries the full value of the plant.

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